NUG Park Day Schedule Summer 2015

Park days begin as early as 10:30 and generally wind down by 3. Peak hours are generally 11-2.
In the event of bad weather, we will cancel. If you’re unsure, check in with your pals, check the yahoo group or the NUG Facebook page.
We generally meet near the playground. Bring blankets, lunch for your family and a change of clothes or swimsuits if there are water features to be played in. And, you know, park stuff of your liking-frisbees, tennis rackets, balls, books, kites…..
Also, NUG beach days begin on Fridays at Foster beach as soon as there’s a Friday with beach-worthy weather!!
Beach days start when people get there and end when people leave (can be as early as 10ish and as late as 4:30ish)
We are usually set up between the first two lifeguard towers fairly close to the water. Look for a lot of beach umbrellas clumped pretty close together.
Newcomers welcome! Don’t be shy to introduce yourself!
Hope to see you at the park! And the beach!
For more info about any of these parks (rxcept Field in Norridge and Caldwell Woods in the County Forest Preserve) go to
May 4  Independence Park
3945 N. Springfield (near Irving Park & Pulaski)
May 11  Harold Washington Playlot Park
5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd (near 53rd & Lake Shore Dr.)
May 18 Margate Park 
4921 N Marine Drive (near lake, between Foster and Lawrence)
June 1 Caldwell Woods  (Cook County Forest Preserve)
Enter park north of Devon and east of Milwaukee. Meet at the picnic area
June 8  Maggie Daley Park   
337 E Randolph St
June 15  Osaka Japanese Garden (Jackson Park)
5800 S. Lakeshore Drive – meet in Japanese Gardens
June 22 Holstein Park
2200 N. Oakley (near Western & Fullerton) – POOL
June 29 Chopin Park 
3420 N Long (Long and Roscoe) SPRAY POOL
July 6 Ronan Park 
3000 W Argyle (west of Francisco, north of Lawrence) – NATURE PATH, SCULPTURE GARDEN, FOUNTAIN
July 13 Riis Park
6100 W. Fullerton (playground is on Meade near Fullerton) POOL, WATER PLAY AREA
July 20  31st St Beach Park 
3100 S Lake Shore Drive – LAKE
July 27 Norwood Park
5801 N Natoma – POOL, WATER SLIDE
August 3 Portage Park
4100 N. Long (playground is at Irving Park and Central) – POOL
August 10 Humboldt Park 
Aug 17 Gompers Park
4222 W. Foster (near Pulaski) – POOL, LAGOON, FISHING
Aug 24 Wilson Park
4630 N. Milwaukee (just north of Wilson) – WATER SPRINKLER
Aug 31   Welles Park
2333 W Sunnyside (Sunnyside and Lincoln) POOL, SPRAY FEATURE
Sept 7 NO PARK DAY (Labor Day)
Sept 14 Earl J Field Memorial Playground (aka Rocket-ship Park) 
4631 N Overhill,  Norridge (Wilson, West of Harlem)
Sept 21 Maggie Daley Park  
337 E Randolph St
Sept 28  Indian Boundary Park
2500 W. Lunt (1 block west of Western Ave.)

Loyola Beach Day (Tuesdays)

Loyola Beach – Greenleaf Avenue Entrance
Tuesdays, starting at noon onward.
Homeschoolers need to stay connected during the summer months too!!! With classes not running (as much) in the summer, Tuesdays becomes a day of sand and water worship. Meet us down at Loyola Beach for some all day sun and fun!
We meet at the **Greenleaf Avenue Entrance**. There is a parking lot with very reasonable hourly rates right in front of the shoreline. When you pull in you will see a playground and the Heartland Café little food hut. Follow the boardwalk between the too down to the water and find a friendly group of homeschoolers camped out in a great location to keep an eye on both the playground and the water at the same time.You can usually find the group by a hoard of umbrellas.
This is also just about 4 blocks from the Morse stop Red Line. And there is free parking on Sheridan and west of Sheridan Road.
Some families will arrive earlier than noon, but we put noon -5:30pm as that is when you will find the bulk of folks there. Feel free to come earlier and stay later!
Happy Summer!

Park Days

Osaka Garden



Hours: 11-2, family activity (not a drop-off)

Bring lunch for your family and, at certain parks, extra clothes, swim
suits and/or towels.
On rainy or super hot days, we’ll cancel. Check email or call before
you go.
July 28 Rehm Park
East Ave. & Garfield in Oak Park (exit 290 at Austin)- POOL
($9 per person)

August 4 Portage Park
4100 N. Long (playground is at Irving Park and Central) – POOL

August 11 Hamlin Park
3035 N. Hoyne (near Diversey & Damen) – POOL

August 18 Harold Washington Playlot Park
5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd (near 53rd & Lake Shore Dr.)

August 25 Unity Park
2636 N. Kimball – WATER SPRINKLER

Sept. 1 NO PARK DAY (Labor Day)

Sept 8 Peterson Park
5801 N. Pulaski (in North Park Village, follow signs to

Sept. 15 Riis Park
6100 W. Fullerton (playground is on Meade near Fullerton)

Sept. 22 Indian Boundary Park
2500 W. Lunt (1 block west of Western Ave.)

Sept. 29 Maple Park
1105 S. Maple (near Harlem and Roosevelt Rd.), Oak Park
(exit 290 at Harlem)

For more details about these parks, including directions, see

This schedule is subject to change.
For more info contact Wini:



Foster Beach Day (Fridays)

Beach Day is a social meet up on Fridays during summer and fall.




Who: Everyone!

Where: Foster Beach

When: Fridays from 11-4 (time is approximate) mid May through early October, depending on weather.

Bring: picnic, blanket, chair,umbrella, sand toys, beverages, kites- ( note: flotation toys and water wings are not permitted)



Why: Fun! Beach days are very relaxed gatherings. Come when you can, stay as long or as little as you like, bring friends, bring family, bring whatever makes you happy at the beach!


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