Teen Essentials

Teen Essentials is on again (ages 13-17)! Fridays, September 18 – December 4, 2015 Jesse White Park District (located at Chicago Ave & N. Orleans):

9:00a – 9:20a Guided Meditation

9:30a – 11:00a History/Writing (will require extra movie nights; field trips to Field Museum, DuSable Museum, and Milwaukee Public Museum)

11:am – noon (free time)

12noon – 1:15p Personal Finance/alternating with Math (pre-algebra/algebra/geometry)

1:30p – 2:15p Teen Club/Fun & Games (expecting to include rowing, Archery, rock climbing, and bubble soccer)

4-5p Teen Leadership

$100/kid for the entire 10 week session!!!!! (additional field trip fees may apply)

Paypal me at yvonnies@yvonniedubose.com

Chicago Tween/Teen Homeschool Co-operative Starting Soon!

Chicago Tween/Teen Homeschool Co-operative

Mondays from 9:15-3:30 starting September 21
Located : Wicker Park Luthern
1500 N. Hoyne
Chicago, IL

As many of you know……after 1 1/2 years of searching for a
Chicago location and the past week of negotiating (and hunting down an Office Max to print, sign, scan and email a contrct in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan) we have a place to call home for our Homeschooling Chicago Family this fall.

First and foremost…. we are a co-operative non-profit community not for-profit. Our families are one income usually and we will try to be fair and honest and find ways for everyone to afford enriched academic classes for their children 10 to 18 (and perhaps themselves too) in a safe environment.

Fall Session dates: September 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16, 23 (We will have field trips and meet ups during winter break)
Winter/Spring Session dates: January 25, February 1, 8 (Chinese New Year and Mardi gras Party), 15, 22, 29, March 7, 14, 21, Spring Break 28 OFF, April 4
Our make-up dates are April 11 and 18 if needed
Our “Membership” will be $69 per student the first session of our usual 10 weeks. (We have 2 sessions…..Fall & Winter/Spring)
It includes insurance. (We feel it is best to protect our community by holding insurance for each child, teacher and volunteer for the school year) The following Winter/Spring session will be $60 per student.

(Family adults are free in workshops)

“Membership” will include:
Free Workshops every week
Tea and Coffee Bar
Healthy Snacks
Cards, Chess and Board Games
Art/Craft Supplies
Maker/Tinker Supplies
ID Cards for each student
(along with a discount at certain businesses in the neighborhood)

Workshops include : First Aid/CPR (from a certified nurse), Sewing, Survival Skills, Flat Circuits, Yoga, Self Defense, Car Maintenance, Tech, Nutrition, Forensics, Gardening Science, Woodworking, Chef talk, Bicycle Maintenance, Journalism (for our Newspaper on our website writen by the kids! ) , Writing/Reporting, and a variety of other talks and demo’s from our community businesses in Wicker Park.
Our first session will offer Dr. Ruth Kulmala who will teach high school Chemistry and Physics both with all hands-on labs and a moodle for extra at home reading and investigation. We greatly appreciate this amazing woman/scientist for sharing her vast knowledge with us at our co-op. The class details will follow next week. Dr. Kulmala charges for supplies which are $110 per student per 10 weeks. (She has crazy equipment and all supplies for lab safety) Payments will be through paypal to her later in September. (She requires a Teachers Assistant….any volunteers?!)
Teacher Bio:
Dr Ruth Kulmala is a mom of 2 (Fiona 13, and Andrew 26) who has been a homeschooler for more than 13 years, when her youngest arrived clearly too asynchronous to send to school. Her education is in bio medical/chemical engineering, and in medicine as a researcher and pharmacologist. She is also currently working on a another doctorate in Epidemiology. Ruth has been teaching homeschoolers for 4.5 years, and has a background in teaching college-level science for more than 20 years. She currently teaches a College board-certified AP Biology and AP Chemistry courses and is also teaching classical physics to high school students. She works in biology and chemistry, but also loves physics, robotics, astronomy and aeronautics. Her enthusiasm for all things science has been called contagious and she will not balk at a student bringing her the odd animal skeleton or insect shell to show. Her daughter calls their weekly trek with a van load of science equipment for each labs as “Sherpa practice.”

We will also offer Cooking then Culinary Science in a certified kitchen.

We are in the works for a literature class (which will be led by a student preparing for their AP exam) that will include movie nights, book discussions at our neighborhood cafes and restaurants, and outings.

We also have a few teachers who would like to offer Philosophy, Political discussions/History, Algebra, Cryptography, Greek, and French in Block 3 (Anyone else who would like to offer a class or workshop we would love to hear from you too!)

Schedule: Block 1……. 9:30-10:45 Chemistry w/ labs
($110 per session)

10 Minute Break

Block 2……10:55-12:10 Physics w/ labs
($110 per session)

12:10-12:40 Lunch

Block 3………12:45-1:45 (or 2:00) Cooking/Culinary Science (supplies vary) and (TBA)

Block 4……2:00-3 (or 3:30) Free Workshops

*Our Homeschool Co-operative is making community partnerships with the wide variety of local businesses in Wicker Park which will allow for our kids to tour, have discounts, hold talks and demos, and for possible jobs or internships for the kids. Our community building will involve helping our wonderful new home of Wicker Park Luthern with future events including community service projects with Night Ministry, local shelters, food pantries, animal shelters and possible updating of the lower church level.

*Our Website will be up soon and will include a “Newspaper” section with articles, news and research written by the kids on things they feel passionate about and want to share.
We will also share information for high school and college readiness, transcript advice, and other tidbits from wise parents who have been through it and survived.

*************************************************** To keep membership costs down for families……we will be holding a Carnival / Dance Fundraiser with a Silent Auction September 11. The Carnival 4-6:30pm will be for anyone and everyone to enjoy in the early evening. We will have a cake walk, bag-o, ring toss, lollytree, floating ducks, fishing game, Jail, ping pong win-a-fish game, and others. (We have 6 tween/teen volunteers so far and could use a couple more!)
We will have carnival food for sale and a silent auction with items from the neighborhood businesses and any items our families would like to donate.

Later that evening 7-10pm we will have a Tween/Teen Dance
“Summers Last Bash” with a D.J.
Entry into dance is $10 and includes pizza, veggies, cupcakes and water.


After the fundraiser we will refigure our membership fees per family for the whole year….BOTH sessions.

As with all homeschool groups we will require everyone to fill out waivers and adheare to the code of conduct which just asks everyone to treat everyone else as you would like to be treated. No name calling, bullying, swearing, inappropriate behavior or violence.
Since we are a co-operative…..we would like families to help out and volunteer to watch the doors where kids will be signing in and out as they come and go. You can call them jobs, chores, or volunteering but we can use an adult to watch the door, supervise kids to sweep up or clean the kitchen, teacher assist, etc. If you can’t help out during class days perhaps volunteer for an event or in helping Wicker Park Luthern with painting, a new stage curtain (Yes! We have a small stage), etc.

If you are interested in joining Chicago Tween/Teen Homeschool Co-operative or have questions please email Jennifer Mollett at CTTHcoop@hotmail.com or call 312-259-8425

Kaabilo Homeschool Classes

Kaabilo is the new name for AJCW. This is a collective of homeschool classes and workshops for all ages, little on up through adult! This year, there will be only one session between now and the new year. Typically we had run 6 week sessions, this year, we are doing one 10 week session. Running on Tuesday mornings and Thursdays for a fuller day, from Sept. 29th through Dec. 10th with Thanksgiving week off for both days. Classes are hosted at the Ethical Humanist Society in Skokie. As mentioned, there are classes for all age kids, and adults as well. Our weekly parents’ support meeting will continue as well!!! (AND…. please note the dates for the Homeless Care Package Project, and the Homeschool Craft Fair…. see link for date details.)
The classes are listed in time frames below, but full class descriptions and instructor contact info is listed here: http://www.nakitababy.com/kaabilo-fall-2015/
Please register directly with the instructors listed for the classes.
Registration is open NOW!!! Space is limited for some classes, so register early.
Look forward to seeing you there!