Announcement: Reading and Western Literature Class

Class: Reading and Western Literature

This class will read and discuss various works of Western literature, at roughly the junior year of high school level. The aim is to have more fun by becoming improved readers, which allows for greater competence, which allows for still more fun. We will use the historical approach, the material approach, the structural approach, any approach that looks promising and expands the continuing revelation that reading can be. That last sentence clause sounds a little heavy, but I’m going to stick with it until informed otherwise.


Probable works: Oedipus Rex, Beowulf, the Seafarer, Common Sense, the Purloined Letter, Song of Myself
(Bonus: These are all in the public domain and easily found online)
Age:  13+

Class time: Tuesdays, 10:30am-Noon

Class dates: September 9-October 28(8 weeks)

Class fee: $120 (Drop-in $15)

Instructor: Ben Huizenga

Location: Ben’s house, Northside of Chicago.


Please email me if you would like to register your child.  Ben will take payment on the first day of class.

Denyse Ffrench, Class Organizer

I have organized a literature class for teens with Ben Huizenga.  The class is open for registration now.  This class grew out of the my son’s desire to do more work with literature at a high school level and participate with other kids.   He has chosen to continue to homeschool/ unschoool through high school age but also is feeling like he wants to do some organized work appropriate to that level.  I think this class will be fun and also meet the needs/desires of our older kids who want autonomy but also some structure.