Loyola Beach Day (Tuesdays)

Loyola Beach – Greenleaf Avenue Entrance
Tuesdays, starting at noon onward.
Homeschoolers need to stay connected during the summer months too!!! With classes not running (as much) in the summer, Tuesdays becomes a day of sand and water worship. Meet us down at Loyola Beach for some all day sun and fun!
We meet at the **Greenleaf Avenue Entrance**. There is a parking lot with very reasonable hourly rates right in front of the shoreline. When you pull in you will see a playground and the Heartland Café little food hut. Follow the boardwalk between the too down to the water and find a friendly group of homeschoolers camped out in a great location to keep an eye on both the playground and the water at the same time.You can usually find the group by a hoard of umbrellas.
This is also just about 4 blocks from the Morse stop Red Line. And there is free parking on Sheridan and west of Sheridan Road.
Some families will arrive earlier than noon, but we put noon -5:30pm as that is when you will find the bulk of folks there. Feel free to come earlier and stay later!
Happy Summer!