HYSL – Homeschool Youth Soccer League

Homeschool Youth Soccer League- HYSL

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Season to run:

Saturday, September 13th through Saturday October 18th.

Time: 9:30am – 10:30am

Location: Legion Park on Bryn Mawr Ave. in Chicago

ALL are welcome! Registration will *close* Saturday, September 6th.

Chicago North is the only region to run this fall. There will be *no* tournament dates this season. Regular season structure will return in the Spring of 2015 with tournaments back into play.


This is a youth soccer league was started by a homeschooling mom of 4 children who wanted to design a league for homeschooling kids and their families to participate on schedules more flexible and doable in their daily lives. While this league greatly models that of the AYSO league, HYSL differs slightly on many aspects:
– The age groups per team are wider to include more capable players at all levels.
– All of the teams in any one given region practice all on the same day at the same time so that if you are a family with more than one child playing you will not have multiple children on various fields, times or days during the week.
– The tournaments are held once per month to allow homeschool children of one region/city to play against homeschool teams of another region/city.
– And… the cost is far more affordable.To join this group (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HYSL_Midwest/info) you must be a parent with homeschooled children interested in playing soccer. OR, you are a homeschooling family who want to be kept in the loop with what is going on in HYSL, AND/OR you are a parent who is willing to volunteer time in coaching, assistant coaching, referring, and/or team parents or region organizers.

To add, this particular yahoo group services those in or surrounding the Chicago area, but not limited to those in Wisconsin, Indiana, or Iowa who are willing to make the drive once per month to participate in tournament games that will be held centrally in the Chicago area.

And finally, this league would not be possible without parent volunteers! Without parents stepping up to help get this off the ground, we would have never seen our first tournament Spring of 2012. If you are joining this group in the hopes to participate in the fall (or future) season(s), please consider volunteering your time as a coach, assistant coach or team parent to allow more children to play in the seasons to come.

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