Ideas for Things to Do

Community Resources

  1. ID cards and discounts
    1. make an id for yourself/kids to use: template at Homeschool Buyer’s Coop
      1. Ventra student discount cards
      2. homeschool educator discounts at many stores
        1. Barnes and Noble
        2. Joann Fabrics
        3. Blick
        4. Tom Thumb Art supply
        5. Half Price Books
  2. Public Institutions
    1. Museums
      1. Many museums have free admission for educators
      2. Many museums offer free admission for homeschool groups
        1. Oriental Museum
        2. Surgical Science
        3. Museum of Science and Industry
        4. Art Institute (has a homeschool kit)
        5. Chicago History Museum
        6. Planetarium (kids can collect badges by doing “missions”)
        7. Shedd developing teen curriculum
        8. Skokie Heritage Museum has homeschool classes
    2. Libraries
      1. Evanston has meetups
      2. Harold Washington You Media
    3. Nature Preserves, volunteer opportunities, h.s. programs North Park Nature Center, Chicago
      1. Emily Oaks Nature Center, Skokie
      2. Heller Nature Center, Highland Park
      3. The Grove, Glenview
      4. Ryerson Woods, Deerfield (has a farm, woods)
  3. Other Places to Check Out
    1. Pumping Station: One, hacker space
    2. Science Resources
      1. Kids Science
      3. The Plant (hydroponics and fish farming)
    3. Writing Resources
      1. (kid writing classes)
      2. Open Books (mentorships)
    4. G.L.U.E hiking group and book club
    5. YouMedia in Harold Washington Library for teens


    1. Materials:
      1. Jim Weiss narrated History of the World Cds
      2. Podcasts like Wait, Wait, Dont Tell Me
  1. Night Sky app Star Walk app
  2. Geocaching website and app
    1. Art Resources
      1. free art classes
      2. arts outreach, street art
      3. for girls 12-14
  1. Volunteer Opportunities
      1. Treehouse Cat Shelter offers kids volunteering spots
      2. Call around and ask at places you are interested in (or your kids are interested in) take the initiative